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Benefits of Cross Trainers: Why They're a Must-Have for Full-Body Fitness?

Benefits of Cross Trainers: Why They're a Must-Have for Full-Body Fitness?

Also termed ellipticals, cross trainer machines have become a must for gymnasiums and fitness centers. It is because they suit the exercise needs and regime of many. Accordingly, let’s look at some reasons a cross trainer is crucial for every gym.

What is a Cross Trainer Machine?

While most gym owners would already know what a cross trainer machine is, for those new to it, here’s an overview. A cross trainer machine helps replicate a running motion with an added arm action. It helps work the lower and upper body simultaneously. These machines have footrests for the feet and handle that the users pull and push as they move their legs back and forth. Both these actions happen at the same time.

5 Benefits of a Cross Trainer for Gym

The fundamental nature of a cross trainer machine defines its benefits for the gymnasium and even for people looking to include it in their home-based exercise regime. Let’s look at five significant benefits of having a cross trainer in the gymnasium.

  1. Quicker Weight Loss

As a modern gym owner, the diversity of equipment is one of the factors that will help you drive better results for your gym members.

Many gym members join fitness centers to lose weight and improve their shape. Here, an elliptical machine can help. It is because an elliptical machine puts more muscles at work. It helps the user burn more calories and expedites the weight loss process. The better the results, the happier your members!

  1. Low-Impact Movements

Cross trainer machines reduce stress and strain on the legs through an elliptical motion. They enable the user to mimic the action of walking in mid-air. Normal jogging or running causes an impact of up to 2 to 2.5 times the body weight. It can affect the joints and hurt the lower back. But elliptical machines eliminate this risk. They are considered low-impact exercises as they do not stress the knee or lower back joints.

  1. Varying Workout Intensities

Your members can perform various workouts with varying intensities while working out on a cross trainer machine. Some of them include mimicking hill climbing or interval training through alternating resistance. Many cross trainers for gym have wireless heart rate control that allows the users to optimize their workout while letting their heart rate control the resistance level.

  1. Whole Body Workout

As mentioned above, cross trainer machines enable a whole-body workout, including the upper and lower body. Members prefer such machines as they can burn more calories and shed more pounds while putting more muscles to work and strengthening them while exercising.

  1. Low Maintenance

Another vital benefit of having a cross trainer machine in the gym is its low maintenance requirement. Cross trainers have a low-impact elliptical motion and have fewer moving parts. Hence, they are less likely to require frequent maintenance. They eliminate the need to worry about rollers, motors, belts, etc.

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