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The Art of Weight Lifting: Crafting Your Perfect Routine with Different Weights

The Art of Weight Lifting: Crafting Your Perfect Routine with Different Weights

Indulging in weight lifting has numerous benefits. Lifting weights appropriately and regularly can help build strength, enhance balance, and bulk up your muscles. If you’ve decided to begin weight lifting and are about to buy weight lifting weights for your exercise regimen, you’ve come to the right place! But before you begin your journey, here are some tips to craft an excellent weight lifting routine with different weights.

7 Tips While Working Out with Weight Lifting Weights

Here are some general tips to help you begin weight lifting with weights.

  1. Examine Your Fitness Levels and Set Goals

At the outset, know where you stand in terms of fitness levels. Consult a doctor or an expert to measure your current health and endurance levels. It will help you determine your goals, whether to build muscle, enhance endurance, increase strength, or do everything. Your fitness levels and goals will help you decide the further course of action.

  1. Select Your Workouts

Optimize the use of your weight lifting weights and target all muscle groups by choosing diverse exercises. They can include deadlifts, squats, rows, shoulder presses, triceps extensions, bicep curls, and bench presses. However, ensure you consult an expert to decide the exercise and perform it under their guidance and presence.

  1. Select Your Weights Wisely

Build a comprehensive weight range to perform various types of exercises effectively while challenging different muscle groups adequately. For example, you will need heavier weights to build strength and fewer repetitions. To grow your muscles, lift moderate weights and perform a moderate number of repetitions. Your fitness expert will help you decide the weight and the number of repetitions based on your fitness needs and goals.

  1. Increase the Weight You Lift

Increasing weights gradually can help you build strength and accomplish your fitness goals. Hence, keep increasing the weight you lift after regular intervals to see progress.

  1. Rest, Warmup, and Cool Down

Give yourself enough rest between sets and workout sessions to allow your body to energize itself and prepare for the next session. Keep yourself hydrated and get adequate rest to let your muscles grow properly. Avoid overtraining. Besides, warm your body up sufficiently before exercising and cool it enough after the workout.

  1. Attend to Your Body’s Needs

While lifting weights, pay attention to your body’s response to the various weights and exercises you perform. With some exercises and weights, you’d feel comfortable, and the body would respond favorably. However, perhaps, with others, the body’s response may be negative. Observe changes in your body and its response. For instance, some exercises and weights may cause pain. If that happens or you feel unusual, talk to your fitness expert.

  1. Measure Your Performance and Stay Consistent

Maintain a workout record and fill it in real-time. Why? It will help you track your performance and results. Assess your performance regularly with your trainer, identify gaps, and make improvements. Furthermore, stay consistent with your routine and maintain a progressive graph to work out more effectively towards your goals.

Cockatoo India hopes the above help you work out more effectively. But we intend to go beyond tips and help you more comprehensively. So, enhance your weight lifting routine with us. Visit our Strength Equipment section and explore a range of dumbbells, weight lifting plates, strength accessories, benches, etc.


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