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The Ultimate Guide to Buying an Online Yoga Mat

The Ultimate Guide to Buying an Online Yoga Mat

Are you looking to buy a Yoga mat online but unsure which one to choose? Well, amidst so many options available, choosing the right one could be challenging. But not when you have a quick guide discussing factors to consider while buying an online Yoga mat. So, let’s get straight to the point and see how to buy a Yoga mat online.

How to Buy a Yoga Mat Online – 7 Factors to Consider

Yogasan mats allow you to practice Yoga conveniently and comfortably. They provide firm support while performing various Yoga movements. Hence, the choice of a Yoga mat proves crucial. Here are seven factors to check while buying a Yoga mat.

  1. Mat’s Thickness

At the outset, check for the mat’s thickness. Of course, it won’t be possible to inspect the mat’s thickness while buying it online. However, a Yoga mat’s thickness is measured in inches. A standard Yoga mat is about 1/8 inch thick, and the thickest is about ¼ inch. Other options include wafer-thin mats, which serve as travel Yoga mats. Choose what suits your needs the best and allows you to do Yoga comfortably.

  1. Material Used

Yoga mats are made up of various materials, including rubber, PVC, TPE, jute, or cork. Every material has its peculiarities and pros and cons like durability, texture, grip, etc. Usually, PVC mats are known for their excellent grip. On the other hand, jute and rubber are considered more eco-friendly alternatives.

  1. Mat’s Texture

The texture may vary from mat to mat. For example, some mats have a smooth surface. On the other hand, some have raised patterns or ridges. The texture can affect your grip and comfort while performing different types of Yogasan poses.

  1. Mat’s Grip

The grip is a vital aspect to consider while buying a Yoga mat online. The higher the grip, the more comfortably and safely you’d be able to exercise. Accordingly, the Yoga mat you choose should offer adequate traction to prevent slipping, especially while practicing complex Yoga movements. Textured surface mats or those made from natural materials usually offer a better grip for exercising.

  1. Mat’s Size

Yoga mats come in various lengths and widths. While choosing the mat’s dimensions, consider your height and the space you’ll need to practice Yoga comfortably. In most cases, a standard Yoga mat suffices. However, taller or broader people would require larger mats.

  1. Mat’s Durability

A mat’s durability should also form a vital consideration. Accordingly, look for a mat that can endure regular use. Check the product’s warranty to determine its strength.

  1. Yoga Mat Price

Yoga mat price is another crucial consideration. Yoga mats are priced at various ranges, depending on factors like quality, durability, texture, material used, etc. Often, people go for cheaper Yoga mats underestimating their importance and the role they play in Yoga. However, ideally, invest in a superior mat that offers an outstanding grip and lasts long.

In addition to the above, you might also want to consider sustainability as another factor. Preferably, buy a Yoga mat online made from recyclable materials. Buying such products will help you contribute towards environmental conservation. Besides, check for reviews, the provider’s reputation, and the mat’s brand before finalizing your choice.

So, now that you know the various factors you should consider while buying a Yoga mat online, it would also help to know where to buy it. Thus, visit Cockatoo India and explore an array of Yoga mats along with Yoga mat prices suiting your budget range.


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