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Yoga Anywhere, anytime: Portable and Travel-Friendly Yoga Mats Online

Yoga Anywhere, anytime: Portable and Travel-Friendly Yoga Mats Online

The availability of Yoga mats online has made it easier for many who don’t have the time or bandwidth to step out and buy them from the market. However, making the right choice matters! If you are one among those looking to buy a Yoga mat online, you should choose the right one after a careful review of the mat. So, here are a few factors to consider while buying a travel-friendly online Yoga mat.

7 Factors to Consider While Choosing a Yoga Mat Online

While buying a Yoga mat online, here are seven factors you should consider.

  1. Mat Thickness

Thickness is directly associated with exercise comfort and stability. Thicker mats offer more cushioning for joints. While that sounds great, more thickness may compromise stability. On the other hand, thinner offers higher stability but lacks cushioning. Here, you should choose what you need. If you prioritize comfort over stability, you may choose a thicker mat. If otherwise, you can go for a thinner one.

  1. Mat Material

Some commonly used materials in Yoga mats include PVC, rubber, TPE, and natural fibers like cotton or jute. Every material has its unique grip and durability. PVC and rubber offer a nice grip and are also more durable. However, when it comes to the grip thing, individual opinions and preferences may differ.

  1. Size

Another significant factor to consider is the mat’s size. You should choose dimensions that match your body size. Usually, standard Yoga mats are 68-72 inches long and 24-26 inches wide. However, look for wider and longer options based on your exercise and comfort needs.

  1. Texture

The better the grip and more comfortable the mat, the more effectively you practice Yogasan. However, textures vary. Some mats have smooth surfaces, while others are textured or sticky to offer better traction. If you are someone who sweats a lot, you may want to buy a mat with a textured surface for a better grip.

  1. Yoga Mat Price

Know your needs, set a budget for your mat, and look for multiple options within that range. However, do not rely excessively on price. Focus on quality. Spending a little more and buying a Yoga mat from a reputed brand can help you benefit from the durability, quality, and comfort advantages.

  1. Reviews and Ratings

This goes without saying! And while looking for anything online, it is integral. Look for reviews and ratings of a particular mat, the brand reputation, user feedback, videos of people performing Yogasan on those mats, and everything else available that helps you establish the mat’s credibility

  1. Shipping and Return Policy

Look for factors like the portal’s shipping and return policy. The latter proves particularly useful if you don’t like the product, it is defective, or want a replacement for it. No matter the reason, ensure you check the refund, return, and replacement policy to stay safe with your purchase.

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