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Your Yoga Journey Deserves the Best: How to Choose the Perfect Mat?

Your Yoga Journey Deserves the Best: How to Choose the Perfect Mat?

So, you’ve decided to begin practicing Yogasana. Kudos to your decision! However, along with a solid commitment, you need the right Yoga mat to practice safely and effectively. Now, with so many options around, how do you choose the best Yoga mat for yourself? Here are five factors to consider while choosing a Yoga mat online.

5 Factors to Consider While Selecting the Best Yoga Mat Online

From thickness and Yoga mat price to customer feedback, here are five aspects on which you should select the Yogasana mat.

  1. Yoga Mat Thickness

Thickness is a significant aspect driving the mat’s comfort and stability. The standard thickness of a Yoga mat is between 1.5 mm and 6 mm. The thicker the mat, the more the cushioning. Mats with a greater thickness can prove useful for people with sensitive joints. However, thicker mats may prove less stable for poses that involve balance.

Another vital factor to consider is the mat’s texture. It affects the map’s grip and comfort. You can look for various options. For instance, some mats have a smooth surface. But others have a sticky or textured surface that offers a greater degree of traction. Here, the type of Yoga you’d practice and your preferences (whether non-slip or grippy) will play a vital role in driving your choice.

  1. Yoga Mat Material

The various materials available include PVC, rubber, TPE, and natural fibers like cotton or jute. Every material has its pros and cons about which you should be aware. For instance, PVC mats are durable and offer excellent grip. However, they may not be eco-friendly. On the other hand, rubber mats offer great grip and are eco-friendly. But their smell can prove a major turnoff. TPE mats are eco-friendly. Cotton and jute mats can offer appreciable traction. However, they may not prove as durable.

  1. Yoga Mat Size

The majority of the Yoga mats you get are 24 inches wide and approximately 68 meters long. However, if you are taller or have a wider body frame, you can look for bigger mats. The idea is to choose a size that allows you to practice Yoga comfortably.

  1. Yoga Mat Price

Yoga mat price varies significantly based on the mat’s texture, material, and size. Often, people go for cheaper options that wear out faster and fail to serve the purpose. However, more than the price, you should focus on the value you’d potentially derive from the mat in the form of durability, comfort, and convenience.

  1. Yoga Mat Reviews

One of the key factors in buying the right Yoga mat online is reading user feedback and reviews. See what users have to say about the various mats available and how they rate the mat they’ve purchased. Their feedback can help you streamline your choice and make an informed Yoga mat purchase.

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