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9 Weight Lifting Bars Types and When to Use Them

9 Weight Lifting Bars Types and When to Use Them

While exercising on a weight lifting bar, ever wondered why you have so many types of weight lifting bars and when to use them? Each weight lifting bar is aimed at simplifying and enabling the user to perform a particular exercise effectively. But then, which exercises can you perform with the different types of weight lifting bars you see? Let’s look at nine weight lifting bars and when to use them while exercising.

  • Standard Barbell
  • A standard barbell is a straight bar with a 1-inch sleeve on each end for the weight plates. It has a straightforward design and comes in five to six feet lengths. It is an excellent option for beginners and can be used for bench presses, overhead presses, and deadlifts.

  • Deadlift Bar
  • A deadlift bar is a kind of powerlifting bar with a smaller diameter for a better grip. It doesn’t have any knurling in the middle of the bar, thus preventing the hands from slipping. In addition, deadlift bars are a little longer than standard powerlifting bars and bend more. That makes deadlifts a little easier as the weight plates do not go as far off the floor before the lockout. These bars are apt if you are focusing on deadlift strength.

  • Powerlifting Bar
  • Designed for three powerlifting exercises, the bench press, the squat, and the deadlift, the powerlifting bar is similar to an Olympic bar. However, unlike an Olympic bar, a powerlifting bar is more rigid and inflexible. It does not bend or compress when subject to stress as much as its Olympic counterpart does.

  • Trap Bar
  • Trap bars are hexagonal-shaped weightlifting bars designed for a range of exercises, including trap bar deadlifts, shrugs, carries, and various other upper-body exercises. The bar enables the user to maintain a more upright deadlift position, as the hands remain at the sides of the body instead of its front. For those intending to increase back and leg strength while exerting less force through the lower back, a trap bar is an excellent choice. Trap bar deadlifts can help strengthen the hamstrings, glutes, back, and grip.

  • EZ Curl Bar
  • This one is exclusively designed for curls and other upper-body exercises. As the name suggests, these weight lifting bars have a wavy shape that allows for better grip, while putting less stress on the wrists and elbows. You may use an EZ curl bar if you are looking to build your arm muscles with excellent form. Including this bar in your arm workout regimen can help you improve your performance and reduce the risk of elbow tendonitis and wrist injuries. The bar can also help you increase your arm strength.

  • Swiss Bar
  • Also termed the football bar, the Swiss bar has numerous handles allowing the bar to be held with the palms facing inwards. It allows for a neutral grip, useful for anyone with shoulder issues or inadequate shoulder mobility. You can use a Swiss bar for exercises like chest press, triceps extensions, rows, and bicep curls.

  • Safety Squat Bar
  • A safety squat bar has become a popular weight lifting bar these days, considering its shape and the exercise safety it offers. The bar weighs between 45 and 65 pounds. 

    It starts straight in the middle section like a standard weight lifting bar. But when the bar reaches the outer thirds on both sides, it angles down at a 90-degree angle. After approximately a foot, the bars then turn at another 90 degrees to run parallel with the middle portion. Besides, they have two heavily padded handles that drop down in the center of the bar. Together, the three padded sections form a U-shape.

    Safety bar squats are an excellent option for those with shoulder issues, as the bar allows them to hold the handles in the front of their body.

  • Axle Bar
  • The most straightforward of all bars is the axle bar. These bars come in varying lengths and sizes. Axle bars can be used for various exercises like bicep curls and shoulder presses. 

  • Cambered Bar 
  • With an appearance similar to a safety squat bar, the cambered bar has a straight central part followed by a drop and then angled back out. But this one does not have safety arms. The middle section can also vary in length.

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