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Cardio Workouts for Weight Loss on Cross Trainers

Cardio Workouts for Weight Loss on Cross Trainers

A cross trainer machine usually aces in areas like fat and weight loss. However, it all depends on the exercises you perform to lose weight on cross trainers. So, what options do you have? Cockatoo India, one of the best online places to buy a cross trainer for home, discusses three cardio workouts to lose weight on cross trainers in this blog.

10-Minute Cardio Workout

While performing a 10-minute cardio workout, it is significant to get the heart to start pumping as hard and fast as possible.

The workout requires a 45-50 second warmup at a slow pace or with little or no resistance. The main workout will comprise sets at moderate speeds and sets of sprints. The moderate paces must be lower than sprints while still allowing you to talk. For instance, lower your sprint pace by three and try to maintain the speed throughout. Take the last minute to cool down at a pace slower than moderate.

15-Minute Intense Workout

When you have only 15 minutes to work out, warm up to start with a level one resistance. Change your resistance frequently. Let your main workout have a minute each of resistance, 1, 3, 5, 8, 9, 10, 9, 11, 10, 12, 8, 13 and 9. The idea is to push your limits and attempt to be as fast as possible. After a nice 13-minute workout, cool down with a resistance level of 5 or lower. Do not miss the cooling down part!

25-Minute Climber Workout

This one is a short yet effective workout helping you lose many calories. It involves increasing the resistance levels to keep your body challenged and maintain an elevated heart rate. Begin by warming your muscles up at an easy and steady pace for approximately four to five minutes.

Once you are done warming up, increase the resistance levels consistently throughout the workout. The idea is to push your limits. However, please note that you will be alternating between periods of higher and lower intensity. Nevertheless, even when you are performing an easier interval, the resistance level will remain high.

Set the resistance level to 7 from the fifth to the seventh minute, and increase it to 9 from the seventh to the tenth minute. Go down to seven from the tenth to the twelfth minute, increase it to 11 from the twelfth to the fifteenth minute, reduce it to 7 from the fifteenth to the seventeenth minute, increase it to 9 until the twentieth from the seventeenth, and then maintain a level of 4 from the twentieth to the twenty-fifth.

There are many others you may perform under a fitness expert’s supervision

Note: Although working out on a cross trainer machine isn’t as challenging, performing the above workouts may require you to have an expert fitness trainer on your side, at least initially. It will help you avoid injuries and also perform the exercises optimally.

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