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Treadmill for Gym: Boosting Endurance and Stamina

Treadmill for Gym: Boosting Endurance and Stamina

People usually use treadmills to burn calories and tone their bodies. However, as a gym owner, did you know that treadmills can even help boost your endurance and stamina levels? Not many people know about it. So, here are some treadmill workouts you may want to let your members perform to improve endurance and stamina. Later, we’d also talk about the place to buy the best treadmill for gym.

Treadmill Workouts to Enhance Endurance and Stamina

Let’s look at a few treadmill workouts to improve stamina and endurance levels.

Beginner’s Workout

Begin with a brisk walk. Add a 0.5 incline to the treadmill as it will help simulate outdoor running and also avoid knee injuries. Once you are comfortable, start adding a minute of slow jogging in between every couple of minutes of a slow jog. If you are not comfortable running, keep the walking minute. However, increase the speed a little for the running minutes. Continue building it until you are prepared to try running for 9-10 minutes of running without breaking and walking time.

Interval Workout

Intervals help get the heart rate pumping and burn calories even after the workout is long finished. The workout should continue for 20 minutes. Begin with a five-minute warmup on the treadmill at a relaxed speed. Set the treadmill for gym to a 45-second interval. You may increase it to a minute if you can manage it.

Nevertheless, you may do 45 seconds of running at a comfortable pace, then the next 45 at a speed until you achieve the sprint, and then return to the comfortable pace. Alternate between these two paces until to achieve the 15-minute mark.  Further, cool down for four to five minutes by slowing down in intervals until you are hardly above the walking speed to let your muscles relax and allow your heart rate to turn to normal.

Pyramid Workout

A pyramid workout is an excellent workout to build long-term endurance and speed. The workout involves pushing your limits to the farthest possible extent and then reducing the speed gradually. Begin with a speed equivalent to a brisk walk and do it for a minute. Increase your speed by a kilometer per hour after every minute. Continue doing it until you are at a sprint. Keep increasing the speed to the extent that you feel this is your fastest you can continue for a minute. Start reducing your speed gradually after reaching the peak. Reduce the minute by a kilometer per hour every minute, until you reach a slow walk and a couple of minutes of cool down.

You should always have your members perform these workouts under expert guidance to avoid injuries due to falls or to prevent exhaustion from overdoing.

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