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Exploring the Beauty of Recumbent Cycles: A Relaxing Ride

Exploring the Beauty of Recumbent Cycles: A Relaxing Ride

Over the years, exercise technology has genuinely walked the extra mile to make workouts more effective and impactful for the user. When it comes to exercise bikes, recumbent bikes have been a popular option, considering the exemplary exercising comfort and relaxing ride they provide. Thanks to Charles Challand to whom the internet coins the inventor of recumbent cycles way back in the 1890s! But what makes recumbent cycles a wonderful and beneficial exercise equipment? Let’s explore.

What is a Recumbent Cycle?

A recumbent bike involves riding the bike in a reclined position. Unlike a traditional stationary bike where you stay upright with the pedals below you and your center of gravity, a recumbent cycle positions the pedals out in front of you. 

Thus, while allowing you to sit in a relaxed position, the cycle helps you remain stable. The bike has a larger seat and pedals in the front. Besides, the seated position you remain in is distinct from that you would be while working out on a conventional bike. Additionally, the backrest and low-ground design make it a low-impact cycle.

6 Benefits of Recumbent Cycles

Exercising doesn’t always have to be stressful. Recumbent cycles break the conventional definition of exercising, making it more relaxing while staying uncompromised on the impact front. Here are seven reasons you may want to use a recumbent cycle.

  • Beginner-Friendly
  • Recumbent cycles have a hands-free design and don’t involve the intricacy of working the upper body at the same time. But is that the only aspect of making recumbent cycles beginner-friendly? Of course not! Some recumbent bikes also have a television screen and entertainment options to make your ride an exciting and entertaining one. So, simplified exercising, low-impact, and an entertaining workout – doesn’t that make recumbent cycles a fantastic exercise equipment to have?

  • Comfortable and Relaxing Workout
  • Recumbent bikes have a low and wide bike seat that reduces your balancing effort while getting on and off the cycle. In addition, you also have adjustable pedals, contributing to a more comfortable and customized ride. Some models may also allow you to align the pedals with the leg extension you prefer. All in all, exercising on a recumbent bike is fun!

  • Low-Impact Workout
  • While working out in a more reclined position, the user exerts less force or strain on the lower joints, including knees and hips. Hence, unlike working on a treadmill, which could stress your lower body joints, especially your knees, a recumbent exercise bike is much softer than its counterparts. 

  • Enhanced Heart Health
  • Did you know that approximately an hour of a high-intensity workout on a recumbent bike can burn 800-900 calories? The number could vary with the person using the bike. But when used appropriately and at a high intensity, you may burn as many calories, which is a massive number for a daily workout! 

    While enhancing heart health, cardiovascular workouts can help increase lung and heart function and also help high blood pressure levels plummet. However, one should consult a fitness expert and a doctor to determine the suitability of working out on a recumbent bike and the right intensity to work out more safely and effectively.

  • Increased Muscle Power
  • In addition to improving heart health, a recumbent cycle can help you target various muscle groups and strengthen them. They include calves, glutes, abs, tibialis anterior, hamstrings, and quadriceps. Of course, the intensity of the work surely matters and should be determined based on your fitness goals and existing capacity.

  • Potential Improvement in Range of Motion
  • Range of motion is another crucial aspect with which recumbent cycles prove helpful. It refers to the extent to which you can stretch or move a particular joint or muscle. People suffering from arthritis or those who’ve undergone injuries have a restricted range of motion. But a recumbent bike can make a positive difference. It may take time for sure. However, using a recumbent cycle regularly can gradually broaden the range of motion. 

    Impressed? By now, we trust recumbent cycles would have intrigued you. Recumbent cycles are truly a valuable addition to your home or commercial gym equipment. They are user-friendly, straightforward to use, and offer a range of benefits, some of which we’ve already seen. So, if you plan to buy a recumbent cycle online, visit Cockatoo India and explore our range of exercise cycles.


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